Tele-health: do I have to wear pants?

I recently had someone ask me “How does a tele-health visit actually work, do you see my shoes?”

My telehealth meetings are simple phone calls with people that either I’ve seen before so I know where they’re coming from, or who have heard about my successes and want to know more. I can see them with a Skype of Zoom call, but often a simple phone call works nicely.

Before the tele-health call, I need my new client’s insurance ID info to confirm their plan covers our sessions, or we arrange compensation. Typically their health insurance plan covers several visits or I charge $50 for a 30 minute meeting. Beforehand, I send information pages to discuss and they send their food diary for the past 3 days.

Then we discuss goals/reasons they’re seeing me, past family history, their pertinent medical history. 

We talk about what a typical day is like, medications, meal timing, fluids, menus, exercise and daily activities, sleep and their challenges.

After I get a good picture of what their life is like, I discuss nutrition facts that can guide them to a healthier lifestyle – keeping in mind their goals. One session takes anywhere for 30-60 minutes, typically. Most of my clients can move onto a healthy path in 2-4 visits with 1 or 2 small changes per visit

What do you think? Would you like to talk sometime? I would love to hear from you!

I’m here for you (mostly on Mondays and Fridays). Give me a call  215 527 4193

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